Images, both videos and photographs, are authorized for not-for-profit are made available for use by any activist, individual or not-for-profit organisation, on the proviso that they are used only in pursuit of shared aims and that the resource sare used to further the same goals as intended by their original publication (End of the sistemic opression against animals, end of speciecism, Animal Liberation). Any use is authorized solely on the condition of an inclusion of reference to authorship, which must also be accompanied by the mention of «Linas Korta».

In any case and at any time, the author reserves the right to remove the free use authorization, the revocation of which only requires his authorization via any means that can validate his identity. If consent is revoked, and the request is not complied with within 24 hours, the requested party shall be liable for the damages and losses that this may cause and, in any case, for the payment of the amounts accrued for each day of delay in meeting the requirement at 40% above market price.

The same conditions will apply to whosoever makes use of the images with non-compliance with the conditions to which the authorization is submitted.

To request the use of images on other terms, if you are journalist or if you want to help in any way please do not hesitate to contact me at the following email: